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Learn to Fly Helicopter:

We are the pioneers in starting the wave of Helicopter training; we have been providing Helicopter Training for Indian pilots in association with some of the top end Helicopter Training schools in the United States of America. Our Helicopter Training academies chalk out the best possible package for the Indian students along with minimum training period.

Our schools offer Helicopter Training on Robinson 22 and Robinson 44 and the training is conducted in accordance to the civil aviation guidelines set by DGCA.
Do your training under our Helicopter Training school:                                              

  • Well maintained Helicopter Fleet
  • Helicopter Training in the best weather condition
  • Flying Instructors with over 2500 hours experience
  • One Student – One Helicopter – One Instructor training program
  • 365 days flying with best weather condition and minimum downtime
  • Helicopter training under best topographic location 
  • Course completion target 5 months or less
  • License conversion assistance ship in India
  • Placement assistance ship in India after training

  • Our Students:

    Pic 1

    Our Students:

    Pic 2

    Our Students:

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