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Commercial Pilot Training

Being a Pilot for a career is one of the most glamorous professions in the world. The aviation industry, especially the commercial airlines is growing at 23% CAGR globally. India at the moment has one of the fastest growing aviation industries.Pilots will be required in great numbers to keep in pace with the growing demand. Kraft King has established contacts with leading airlines, both in India and abroad for pilot placement services for both freshers and senior positions as captains.

To ensure quality training for students Aeroknights has their own flying schools in U.S and Philippines (also helicopter school).On successful completion of thestudents training, Aeroknights has their own ground staff on board to help the process of DGCA conversion.Also, on successful completion of the training Aeroknights HR team will assist the students in their job placement in either of the airlines in India or Abroad.We welcome you to join us, to let us help you to reach your dream career, to become an airline pilot.