Our Team

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Managing Director – Mauna Loa Helicopters, USA

A pilot with more than 7000 hours of flying experience and the owner of the top most Helicopter Training school in the world. A man with extreme technical knowledge of running Helicopter Training school in the Hawaii, USA and the greatest mentor for over 100 Indian students who have been trained under him. His school is the only top 3 schools with a US accreditation and has extreme passion for Helicopters and India.


His passion for promoting Helicopter Training in India during the rough times in aviation field has helped lot of flying enthusiast to choose the booming Helicopter sector. An Economics graduate from University of Delhi, with passion and knowledge for Helicopters has been single handedly working with top end Helicopter schools across the world.


An Investment guru with extreme knowledge of stocks has given lot of support in building an international network for Kraft King. He has been single handedly taking care of International charters and Direct Sale/Purchase for us.

CAPT.  BOKAN: Chief Pilot/Advisor

Captain Steven Bruce Bokan has flown across the world in his span of over 20 years of flying. He has worked in countries like USA / Australia / India and Nepal; and worked with the number 1 Helicopter company in India, Global Vectra. Steven has been an advisor to many young pilots and our partners. Steven also went training under Mauna Loa Helicopters.

CAPT.  BELMAR: Operations Chief

Captain Ashwin Belmar is a top end trained engineer with extreme technical knowledge on setting up Helicopter operations and maintenance. He has set up operations in Philippines and currently working in association to set up a unit in Sri Lanka.